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Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 1l - 12 PET Bottles
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 1l - 12 PET Bottles
Fiji ist das natürliche Premiumwasser von der Insel. 12 x PET-Flasche mit je 1000ml Inhalt - Fiji Water. Bekannt aus Hollywood, getrunken von Stars.
Content 12 Liter (2.67€ * / 1 Liter)
31.99€ * plus dpg-refund price: 3.00€ *
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 1l - PET Bottle
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 1l - PET Bottle
Das Fiji Wasser ist eines der besten Quellwasser und gilt als bekanntes Premium Wasser der Welt.
Content 1 Liter
2.69€ * 2.99€ * plus dpg-refund price: 0.25€ *
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 0.5l - 24 PET Bottles
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 0.5l - 24 PET Bottles
Das natürliche Premiumwasser von der Fidschi Insel. Fiji Wasser, das bekannteste Gourmet-Wasser der Welt. Man sagt auch das Wasser der Stars. 24 x PET-Flasche
Content 12 Liter (3.08€ * / 1 Liter)
36.99€ * plus dpg-refund price: 6.00€ *
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 0.5l - PET Bottle
Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 0.5l - PET Bottle
Das natürliche Premiumwasser von den Fidschi's. Fiji Water - Lifestyle und reinstes Wasser von der Südseeinsel. Das Premium Wasser der Stars. 500ml
Content 0.5 Liter (3.38€ * / 1 Liter)
1.69€ * plus dpg-refund price: 0.25€ *

Drink Fiji Water and feel yourself like a Star. Or imagine yourself at a tropical beach


Fiji water - lifestyle and pure water - from the pacific ocean.

This water has become a long history.  "If you're wondering how real pure water taste, open a bottle of Fiji water and you know it" . Fiji Water is considered one of the purest spring waters in the world and is probably the most famous gourmet water in the world.

What makes Fiji water so special?

Fiji Water is the favorite of Hollywood stars. From beyonce to Mariah Carey they all swear by Fiji water. The unique location of the spring makes Fiji water so special.

An artesian spring in the middle of mother nature

Fiji Water comes from the Fiji islands of Viti Levu, located in the South pacific ocean, it’s a remote mountainous region far away from the modern world and protected by a thick layer of lava rocks. That’s the place where a beautiful water source is located. This volcanic layer keeps the water free from contamination and forms the base of this natural mineral water and its high silicon content. The special filling process makes it possible for the water to have no contact with the atmosphere until it is opened.

Fiji - Water is beautiful!

The special composition of the ingredients gives Fiji Water its incomparable taste of natural mineral water, but also makes the reputation powerfull. The silent Fiji Water is characterized by a high silicon content. This property has made the water popular by many celebrities from Hollywood, because silicon has a positive effect for skin and hair. Its also positioned in the market as a lifestyle drink.

Fiji Water - one of the most famous gourmet waters

Since the founding of the company in 1996, the waters of the Fiji Islands have become the most famous gourmet waters in the world.

Fiji Water, Lifestyle and Sustainability?

Fiji water is 100% sustain. Especially the long transport routes are given as an argument why this spring water should not necessarily be shipped to all countries of the world.

Gourmet water, pure water in the world, silicon that makes beautiful ...?

We can not decide for you. Try it when you want to compare yourself with Hollywood stars.

* Fiji Water Company