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Sport Ice Tea - the new refreshment for a healthy lifestyle

Who doesn't know it. You run out of energy during your workout and there is nothing left to do but grab a sugared energy drink. In order not to put the own troubles of a healthy nutrition regularly by such a calorie bomb into the sand, there is now a refreshing alternative from Austria.

GymTea - Feel Good. Look Good.

GymTea is the new delicious Sport Ice Tea. Made from natural herbal teas and without added sugar and flavour enhancers, GymTea gives energy through natural caffeine. But Sport Tea can do even more. It naturally supports the immune system, has a positive effect on general well-being and increases motivation. GymTea is simply the ideal refreshment during sports or simply for in between. In addition, it reduces the craving for sweets and effectively counteracts unwanted cravings.

It is the first "completely unsweetened" canned drink with 100% natural ingredients.

The new refreshment for athletes and nutritionists without sugar

GymTea is a new energy supplier that offers natural caffeine, power before and during the workout and promotes a faster regeneration after exercise. GymTea is also a popular alternative to conventional iced teas due to its unsweetened freshness, in addition to the sporty aspect.The natural caffeine of the individual ingredients provides a lot of energy for a good start to the day. Unlike coffee, the caffeine in GymTea is absorbed more slowly by the body and is therefore longer effective.

Energy iced tea from Austria

GymTea refreshes in a whole new way with the selected ingredients of the drink, for which high-quality vegetable ingredients are freshly brewed and which comes completely sugar-free and therefore calorie-free. People with an affinity for fitness and health have been waiting for this Ice Tea.

- 100% natural ingredients
- calorie-free
- vegan
- Gluten free
- without additives
- fitness drink
- sports drink
- natural caffeine