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Helga Algae Drink - Chlorella Algae, 0.29l - 24 PET Bottles
Helga Algae Drink - Chlorella Algae, 0.29l - 24 PET Bottles
Chlorella Alge in der Flasche - Alge zum Trinken? Jetzt gibt es Helga den Algen Drink in der PET-Flasche - "Die Höhle der Löwen - VOX" investierte in den gesunden Drink. „Helga“ ist abgeleitet von „healthy algae“, was so viel wie gesunde...
Content 6.96 Liter (6.52€ * / 1 Liter)
45.36€ * 57.99€ * plus dpg-refund price: 6.00€ *
Helga Algae Drink - Chlorella Algae, 0.29l - PET Bottle
Helga Algae Drink - Chlorella Algae, 0.29l - PET Bottle
Helga der Algen Drink aus der Chlorella Alge. Grüner Luxus zum trinken - Bekannt aus die Höhle der Löwen. Zuerst bei Lifestyle Drinks Helga liefert mit einer Flasche den Viertel des Tagesbedarfs an Vitamin B12. Helga Algen Drink ist...
Content 0.29 Liter (6.86€ * / 1 Liter)
1.99€ * 2.49€ * plus dpg-refund price: 0.25€ *


Helga - The first algae drink. A completely new tasty experience.

Helga - Tanke Alge, the healthy alternative

Helga, this is a drink that you have to try. "Tanke Alge" is the slogan of the young Austrian beverage company. The mind behind the word "Helga" stands the word combination of two very important keywords "healty" and "algae", which together provides the brand name.

Helga = healthy algae

Are you looking for a healthy drink? Then Helga the algae refreshment drink fits perfect.

This is the Healty drink with a green taste. This drink is unique, healthy, tasty and different in compare with all the sugar bombs.

The Helga drink stands for unique and valuable ingredients. Perfect for health conscious adventurers, athletic active discipliners and holistic harmony-needy. Simply everyone who is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. perfect for: health-conscious, athletes, holistic-oriented people, people interested in sustainability and environmental protection.

The fascinating algae drink Helga

Helga - Tanke Alge, this is the new trend in beverage. Not only that, it also stands for an environmentally conscious diet. So algae are always regarded as high-quality, sustainable and you will find it now in this drink. This is a fresh drink with a gorgeous green color.
Helga contains valuable ingredients such as chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and iron and is thereby:

Vegan | Lactose free Gluten free

The most important high-quality ingredient is the chlorella algae

Known as Superfood, these algae are currently highly treated and processed into foodstuffs which must have a high nutrient density.

Better than any mineral water

Start your day with Helga – “Tanke Alge”. It's fresh and stimulates your metabolism. Here you get the necessary energy for the whole day. But even in the evening Helga - Tanke Alge is the right option. The day was exhausting and stressful. A glass of Helga - Tanke Alge and the inner power will return. Perfect for any day or night.

What will we eat in the future?

Algae are seen by experts as an essential part of future world nutrition. Algae are extremely rich for protein, deliver essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. We need these vitamins and minerals and use them as a radical catcher for the detoxification of our body.

The algae photosynthesis

Every tree in the forest does the same action, carbon dioxide and sunlight becomes biomass. What makes the algae so special? Only microalgae grow up ten times faster than ordinary land plants.

Seaweed, the healthy vegetables from the sea

The algae are considered as high-quality foods and are rich with protein. They also have essential Omega3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This is the best alternative in compare with animal protein. All these benefits are now available in the refreshing drink Helga - Tanke Alge. With the daily enjoyment your body is provided with sufficient trace elements. Helga - Tanke Alge is a great drinking experience.

Just try and enjoy.