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Ocoo - 7er WeekPack, 250ml - 9 x 7 Glas-Flaschen im WeekPack
Ocoo - 7er WeekPack, 250ml - 9 x 7 Glas-Flaschen im WeekPack
Sichern Sie sich jetzt das OCOO – Beauty Drink 9 x 7er WeekPack mit Bestpreis-Garantie ✔ Wissenschaftlich getestet ✔.
Content 15.75 Liter (13.08€ * / 1 Liter)
205.99€ *  refund free!
Ocoo - 7er WeekPack, 0.25l - 7 Alu Bottles in the WeekPack
Erwerben Sie jetzt den OCOO – Beauty Drink im 7er WeekPack! Mit Beauty-Berries für: Schönheit von Innen ✔ Bestpreis-Garantie ✔.
Content 1.75 Liter (13.14€ * / 1 Liter)
22.99€ *  refund free!
Ocoo - The Beauty Drink, 0.25l - 12 Glass Bottles in the Tray
Ocoo - The Beauty Drink, 0.25l - 12 Glass Bottles in the Tray
Bestellen Sie jetzt den 12er Tray OCOO – The Beauty Drink mit Zutaten für schöne Haut, Haare und Nägel. Wissenschaftlich bewiesen ✔ Bestpreise ✔.
Content 3 Liter (12.66€ * / 1 Liter)
37.98€ *  refund free!
Ocoo - The Beauty Drink, 0.25l - Glass Bottle
Ocoo - The Beauty Drink, 0.25l - Glass Bottle
Erwerben Sie jetzt OCOO – The Beauty Drink mit Beauty-Berries! Schönheit von Innen ✔ Bestpreise ✔ Wissenschaftlich getestet ✔.
Content 0.25 Liter (13.16€ * / 1 Liter)
3.29€ * 3.49€ *  refund free!

OCOO is the first fruity Beauty and Well-Being Functional Drink with proven effectiveness of its ingredients

Beauty you can drink - Beauty from inside

OCOO launches the world’s first effective, low-calorie Beauty Drink Germany, Spring 201 – OCOO is drinkable beauty care.

The world’s first low-calorie Beauty Drink that innovatively unifies effectiveness and pleasure.

It’s the fruity drink that is based on scientific proof that beauty care is more effective from the inside than from out. Ingredients from all over of the earth.

With proven effectiveness With its unique combination of active ingredients, whose effects have been proven in over 80 international studies, OCOO brings together natural ingredients and vital substances. Carefully selected beauty berries, such as pome- granate, acai, aronia, black currants and red grapes. A high-level of natural antioxidants – and a refreshing taste. This foundation is boosted by a balanced dose of beauty-essential vital substances – biotin, zinc, selenium, copper, iodine as well as essential vitamins. OCOO is also free of preservatives and added colors. It contains no added sugar. Established in science. A renowned team of leading dieticians and dermatologists played a key role in OCOO’s three-year development. The result: independent studies and current publications of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) guarantee the effectiveness of OCOO’s ingredients and ensure that the drink corresponds to the beauty sector’s most current research.

The OCOO lifestyle According to Martin Speer (26) and Kai Rebhan (29) young founders of the dynamic German start up, “OCOO makes beauty care a deliciously beautiful experience.

On the road, at home in the morning, or while going out with friends – OCOO is part of life’s beauty.

One OCOO a day and its powers can unfold ideally”. Add on top a packaging design worthy of the 2010 red dot award plus increasing availability in some of Germany and Europe’s most beautiful stores und hotels (Galeries Lafayette, Ka¨fer, Douglas, Adlon, Bayrischer Hof, Mandarin Oriental, Quartier 206, DesignHotels), and a drinkable revolution can begin March 2011 - OCOO won three Beverage Innovation Awards in Washington D.C. – the Oscars equivalent for the beverage industry - and is now officially World’s best functional drink brand!