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The Aloe Vera plant or the desert lily can be assigned to the plant genus of the Affodillas. We see a direct connection to the lily plants. Whether they are used for internal or external application: Neither the cosmetic nor the pharmaceutical use can do without Aloe Vera today. This may be due to the effectively invigorating and beneficial effects. Granted: At first glance the aloe vera plant seems rather unimpressive. The plants grow trunkless shortly above the ground and form dense runners already in the base. The shape of the leaves is reminiscent of a rosette. Whereby the leaf surface remains smooth. The Aloe Vera plant protects itself on the outer edge with thorns up to 20 mm long and does not give its revitalizing secret to everyone.

Genuine desert lily - centuries-old medicinal plant with positive effects

Aloe Vera has its home in Mexico, Africa, Cuba and Brazil as well as on the Canary Islands. Here, very little rain falls in summer and the summer climate is extremely hot. In this kind of clima the Aloe Vera plant has very bad growth conditions, which makes this plant particularly resistant. It is able to produce its own nutrients in order to replenish its moisture reserves. This makes it so interesting for us humans.

Today we assume that Aloe Vera has experienced a real hype with the boom of the wellness movements. Even if the proven healing effects might be well-known meanwhile already for 5.000 years. If it concerns injuries of the skin or irritations, the application of natural Aloe Vera gels, products, creams or lotions can bring about a quick relief. Especially the intake of the medicinal plant as a delicious Aloe Vera drink is highly recommended. Through oral absorption, the nutrients of the super plant reach the organism particularly quickly.

Where you can buy Aloe Vera Drinks

With the increasing demand for Aloe Vera, new products such as delicious wellness drinks also conquered the market. So there is now a very nice large selection of AloeVera drinks, which have a positive effect on the health of the skin. These healthy lifestyle drinks can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. They are very refreshing and delicious due to their natural and fruity taste. A large selection of top aloe vera drinks can be easily ordered at

The revitalizing effect of aloe vera drinks

The juice of the plant has mainly cosmetic purposes, because the desert lily has the ability to stimulate cell renewal in the skin. Especially as a natural anti-aging remedy against minor wrinkles, skin irritations and scars, aloe vera has an amazing effect. Furthermore, it offers the skin ample opportunity to assert itself against stressful environmental conditions and influences.

Even people with very sensitive skin benefit from the penetrating effect, which has a soothing and at the same time an uplifting effect. In direct comparison to other plants, there is probably no other species that combines such a wide variety of ingredients as aloe vera. However, essential amino acids and the many enzymes are at the heart of this plant, which even have a healing effect.

Health-promoting and refreshing: Aloe Vera drinks in practical Tetra Paks

Brands like Alo have already discovered the versatility of the aloe vera plant for their delicious drinks. With delicious combinations of aloe vera and pomelo, lemon and grapefruit a completely new taste is created. Only natural flavors are used. Juices with crunchy aloe vera pieces are also an exciting and above all healthy alternative to conventional fruit drinks. There are almost no limits to the variety of aloe vera drinks and so there is the right wellness drink for everyone. In the practical tetrapaks the aloe-vera-drinks are super handy and perfect for enjoying on the go. With the practical spout the drinks are reclosable and available in different sizes.

Brand manufacturers like Alo are experimenting with different taste nuances, such as mango and mangosteen in combination with aloe vera and pure spring water. These aloe vera drinks have a significant health-promoting effect and at the same time counteract the aging process. Thanks to their natural composition, these aloe vera drinks are considered to be fat-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, without sacrificing a tasty aroma.

What happens with Aloe Vera in the body?

The mono- and polysaccharides - single and multiple sugars, have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunostimulating effect. These antiviral drinks even help with digestive problems. Here the beverages and manufacturers are convinced of the effect of the Siberian Taiga root in combination with Aloe Vera and ginseng. Acemannan is one of the main active ingredients which the organism can actually produce completely by itself until puberty.
Afterwards we are dependent on supplying it to the organism through food. These are long-chain sugar molecules that cleanse the intestines, counteract acids and inflammation and strengthen the immune system. Mostly they are taken in connection with vital substances. However, they are also considered to be a decisive building material in our ligaments, bones and joints as well as tendons.

Essential natural amino acids

Surprisingly, aloe vera contains seven of the eight essential amino acids. These must also be supplied to the body through food. The human organism is not able to produce them itself - but needs them for the strengthening of the immune system, for muscle building as well as for the promotion of healing processes. In addition, essential amino acids stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which promotes an even and healthy skin appearance and at the same time counteracts the natural aging process.

Aloe Vera Pflanze