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The fresh coconut water from inside the coconut provides a health-promoting mix of the most important minerals. The coconut water contains iron, zinc, manganese, sodium, calcium, selenium, copper and potassium. Whether you enjoy Coconut Water directly in the morning, in the office, after sports or on hot summer days: The handy bottles supply the organism with liquid and important minerals. That's why coconut water is clearly one of the new trendy drinks.

Our natural coconut water drinks

The coconut water drinks available from us consist of 99% pure coconut water, vitamin C and one percent natural fruit sugar, without artificial flavors, fats or gluten. In its pure and natural form coconut water inspires, because it provides aroma, taste and serenity pure. A coconut drink contains more potassium than is contained in two bananas.
Pure Coconut Water from Vita Coco: You can feel the fresh coconut on your tongue. The manufacturers of the coconut drinks attach great importance to a sustainable origin and the full natural aroma of the coconut water, without adulterating it with chemical additives and substances.
Vita Coco - naturally in flavorful compositions: Coconut water with mango, coconut water with peach and pineapple - a vitalizing, healthy cocktail of pure fruit pulp, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut pulp - almost without calories.

The coconut water drinks from indi coco are top. The delicious creations, coconut water pure, organic, coconut water with delicious coconut pieces, but also the latest creations like coconut water with pineapple or mango make the heart of every coconut lover beat faster.
King Coconut Water crowns the whole thing with its different styles. The organic coconut water brings skilful combinations e.g. coconut water with refreshing mint and watermelon or coconut water with pineapple. In any case, the coconut drinks are without sweeteners, preservatives, sugar additives and additives. Coconut Drinks are also very suitable for people with allergies and gluten intolerance.

Is coconut water healthy?

Coconut water is completely without chemical additives. Coconut water contains medium-chain fatty acids that help you lose weight and are easily broken down by the body. The water of the coconut prevents thereby the notorious hot hunger attacks and can lower the cholesterol levels. An American study from 2008 found out that regular consumption of coconut - components, like coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil or the coconut pulp, demonstrably lowers the cholesterol levels. The coconut oil has antiviral effects and makes the human cell walls more resistant to viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Thus coconut water drinks are not only tasty, but also healthy.

With Coconut Water you can lose weight faster and build up muscles

Coconut water goes one step further and naturally contains a high proportion of whey proteins. Our body can absorb and digest these proteins faster. An extremely low fat and lactose content in combination with easy digestibility forms an optimal basis for any dietary change and diet. Thus Coconut Water Drinks push the body fat and lean mass percentage at the same time.
Whey proteins from Coconut Water drive muscle growth directly during training by supplying just the right enzymes. Many speak of the fastest protein in the world, which provides your body with exactly what it needs for optimal fat burning. Thus the coconut offers a real alternative to animal milk products.
Milky Coco is one of the first drinks that combines delicious coconut milk and coconut water. Take a look at our multi-faceted range of Milky Coco coconut water and coconut milk, order and treat your body to a creamy, fat-free and vital refreshment and a unique mix of beneficial, sustainable ingredients of coconut milk and coconut water, minerals, vitamins and vital substances.

Coconut water and coconut milk - natural pleasure

In many countries, coconut water and coconut milk are staple foods that are used to prepare hearty meals and sweet dishes. For example, we recommend Milky Coco with a fine mixture of coconut water and coconut milk for light Asian cuisine. Our coconut water and coconut milk drinks are vegan and mostly halal.
We are happy if you buy your drinks with coconut milk and coconut water easily, fast and cheap.

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