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Legal requirements for the redemption of disposable beverage packaging

Take-back according to type of material

Since May 1, 2006, retailers or other final distributors have been obliged to take back all single-use beverage packaging subject to a deposit of the type of material they sell. The take-back obligation applies regardless of whether the one-way beverage packaging was sold by the retailer or a competitor. A retailer who only offers non-returnable PET bottles does not have to take back cans or glass bottles, but PET bottles regardless of their size, shape or brand. 


Shops with a small sales area (less than 200 m²) can still limit the take-back to the one-way beverage packaging of the brands that they have in their offer.

Tip from the LifeStyleDrinks-Team: 

If you have found and bought your favorite drink from us, you can most likely return it to Lidl regardless of its size, shape or brand and you will get your deposit back immediately.

If there are problems, for example, that a Lidl branch does not take your deposit back, even though it is larger than 200 m² and offers one-way deposits, e.g. in glass, please contact us and we will clarify this for you at short notice.

Our goal is to make it easier to deliver in the future!

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