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Legal requirements for the redemption of disposable beverage packaging

Return obligation by material type

Since 1. May 2006, retailers or other final distributors are required to withdraw all Disposable beverage packaging of the material type that you distribute. The return obligation applies irrespective of whether the disposable beverage packaging has been sold by the trader or a competitor. For example, a trader who only offers disposable pet bottles must not take back cans or glass bottles, but pet bottles regardless of their size, shape or brand. 


Shops with a small sales area (below 200 m²) can continue to restrict the return to disposable beverage packaging of the brands they have in their offer.

Tip from the Lifestyle Drinks-Team: 

If you have found and bought your favourite drink with us, you can leave it no matter what size, shape or brand at Lidl and you will receive your deposit back.

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