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Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 24 x 250ml Vegan Can
Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 24 x 250ml Vegan Can
DOC WEINGART - REFOCUS, SPORT ACTIVE DRINK, 250ML, VEGAN - 24 Cans DOC Weingart is the sports drink you absolutely need! It provides you with plenty of natural energy and a fruity-tart refreshment! You get all this completely vegan! The...
Content 6 Liter (6.67€ * / 1 Liter)
39.99€ * 44.40€ *  one-way  plus refund: 6.00€ *
Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 1 x 250ml Vegan Can
Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 1 x 250ml Vegan Can
DOC WEINGART - REFOCUS, SPORT DRINK, 250ML, VEGAN CAN You are looking for a fruity refreshment, natural energy and all this completely vegan. Then we have the right drink for you. The intelligent and fruity- Refreshing DOC Weingart...
Content 0.25 Liter (7.40€ * / 1 Liter)
1.85€ *  one-way  plus refund: 0.25€ *

Energy Drinks - activating, delicious and energy promoting

At Lifestyle-Drinks, the activating Power Drinks are also available in healthy! In our beverage selection we pay special attention to a low sugar content, high quality ingredients and natural ingredients. Of course, the taste is not neglected and is thoroughly tested by us.

Our natural energy drink range

Here at Lifestyle Drinks we have special energy drinks for you. Taiberg - the supernatural lemonade from the Taiga root combined with grapefruit and pomegranate, you can conveniently order as a single can or in a 24-pack tray. The healthy ingredients of this energy drink work against fatigue and also stimulate the immune system. The drink is not too sweet, you can actually taste that it is healthy. Buy now the activating energy drink for new creativity and refresh yourself differently - especially tasty and healthy.

Super Drink - Energy to drink, 100% vegan or halal

A caffeine-rich energy drink with passion fruit (16%), orange (15.5%), mandarin (3.5%) and carbon dioxide.
With this drink, the healthy mixture of fruit, caffeine, taurine and various vitamins, such as B6, provides the vegan energy kick. It is easy to enjoy, tastes healthy and the energy of the Super Drink remains for a long time.

With us no energy drink is like the other - find your favourite for more power on hard days.
Energy drinks that are vegan or halal are particularly popular at the moment. They are particularly popular in the fitness scene and not only taste fruity and fresh, but are also very good with their basic ingredients: Milk, water, or coconut water, mostly reduced in calories and sugar. The activating stimulating effect, however, remains the same - whether it is a slow, building performance increase or a long intensive power kick. We at Lifestyle Drinks have the perfect power drink for every one of your goals.

Try Powergy - a vegan power drink with a stylish bottle

Powergy stands for plenty of ingredients from organic cultivation, and a lot of commitment to creativity and design. Take a look at Powergy's unique design bottles and decide which one will be your new favorite among the energy drinks.
Surely you are wondering why we offer such special energy drinks?
Our large selection of premium power drinks didn't come right away. After a long search we managed to find energy drinks that don't taste like gummi bears and are sugar bombs. We always strive to offer you the best and healthiest drinks the drink market has to offer.

Are the energy drinks from lifestyle drinks healthy?

Our assortment is mainly designed to offer healthy energy drink alternatives to cheap sugar bombs from the trade. At Lifestyle Drinks, we take great care to ensure that our energy drinks are produced with high quality ingredients and are based on natural ingredients. Especially power drinks with organically grown ingredients, spring water and low-sugar drinks have caught our eye.

Whether it is really necessary to add a daily intake of caffeine, taurine or the like remains controversial. However, if you are a fan of the activating effect anyway or in your everyday life, like many others, benefit from the additional power, then at least have a look at us. We guarantee a healthier alternative to cheap energy drinks.
Active in sports and often not enough energy?  Do you drink one beer too many from time to time? Try Doc Weingart instead. This was specially developed for competitive athletes and provides you with sufficient energy. A nice side effect of the sport drink is its helping property against hangovers. A genuine anti hangover drink.

You want to buy a fruity energy drink? Then try our super drink Yellow with passion fruit and orange.
Make sure your drink is vegan? Difficulties finding something like this? At Powergy you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Can I buy a milk-based energy drink? Yes, Huck Finn the Mindrefresher milk-based power drink is now available in our shop.

Make sure you try our refreshing Seicha drink with Matcha. A pleasantly unsweetened taste and the right amount of carbonic acid ensure a healthy refreshment and new energy for the day. Try both varieties at the same time. Seicha with grapefruit or with lime.

Buy energy drinks as refreshing lemonade? - maybe a vegan energy drink after all?
Try the energy drinks from Vegan-Powergy (vegan energy drink), Taiberg energy drink, Mentic Energy with Acai, Evo active drink, and Doc Weingart active drink. 

D by Dextro Energy - der Dextrose Power Drink
Also try the Dextro Energy Drink published in March! It contains dextrose for an energy boost in the brain and all kinds of fruit juices that provide the necessary vitamins to get through the day.

Seicha Matcha Mix

d by dextro energy drink