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Which type are you?

Every type of person has deeply rooted motives and values.

These emotional backgrounds control instinctively and subconsciously your purchase decision. Our online platform Lifestyle Drinks has compiled a perfectly fitting selection of drinks for these 7 different types and their backgrounds.
With our neuromarketing types: Adventure, Harmony, Discipline, Status, Creativity, Tradition and Enjoyment, you now have the optimal selection of drinks that suit you and your personality.

The following types are available, click yourself in:

Adventurer (risk taker):

As an “Adventurer” it is important for you to leave your comfort zone, to take a risk and above all: to try something new. You ask for uniqueness and for an extraordinary experience. To experience your personal adventure, you don't need to travel halfway around the world: Click through our exclusive selection and your adventure will soon be at your doorstep!

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Harmony (security):

You are the “Harmonious” type when your personal values include peace, security and love. Stress and quarrels are a real problem for you and you would like to have a good time with your family and friends. With these healthy, relaxing drinks you will bring your body and mind back into a natural harmony. Do something good for yourself and have a look through our selection of harmonious drinks.

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You can find the matching test package "Harmony" here

Discipline (control):

You are considered to be more “disciplined" if you are very determined, ambitious and have a talent for organization - because you have a very precise plan for your life and actions. You always keep an eye on your nutrition and health and do not let anything upset you. Nevertheless, some variety would do you good! Give our individual selection for you a chance and convince yourself with our tasty drinks.

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Status (success):

"Status" types are successful and real connoisseurs! They have a preference for excellent quality, love brands and their presentation. Your body and your health are very important to you, which is why you don't just eat anything, but choose your favorite products specifically. In this category you will find many different high-end drinks that you are surely familiar with. If you discover some you don't know yet, it is high time to put them in your showcase.

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You can find the matching test package "Status" here

Creativity (fun):

This category is for the “Creative” minds and fun birds among us: Here you will find extraordinary, colorful designs that are fun to look at! You are not only creative if you have an artistic talent, but also if you have many different, crazy ideas. To unfold your artistic vein and bring new ideas to the table, you should definitely have a look around and order the coolest drinks at home.

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You can find the matching test package "Creativity" here

Tradition (security):

Our "Tradition" type includes our absolute classics: brands that you may already know very well. You are reliable and usually buy products that you know. You stay true to your taste, because the quality has already been convinced. Time to click through the "Tradition" section and recall old memories. 

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Pleasure (openness):

You belong to the "Pleasure" type if you have a real gourmet palate and accordingly attach great importance to tasty food and drink. Quality is standard for you, more important is the real taste explosion or a gentle, supporting taste experience with food. Click through our selection of delicious drinks and let yourself be inspired.

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