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Our new protein-rich milkshakes from Barebells in Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors are all lactose-free and have no added sugar. The special feature of these milkshakes is that it is rich in protein - with 24g per Barebells drink.

The Barebells Milkshake as a protein drink

The Barebells protein drink is the perfect companion through the day. Especially if you are an athletic type, the milkshake is really good: with its 24g protein per drink, you can support your body in building muscle in addition to training. In addition, the protein drink is also lactose-free, which is especially worthwhile for lactose-intolerant people. Lactose-free does not mean that there is no milk in the protein shake from Barebells, but that the milk sugar (lactose) has already been broken down, which is easier for your body to digest.

Why proteins are so important for your body

Immediately after a strength workout, your muscles need a good serving of protein, so you should make sure you're getting enough protein-rich foods and fluids in your post-workout diet. That's where the delicious Barebells Protein Milkshake will do you extra good! It keeps your body hydrated and gives you the proteins you need. Your muscles are made up of proteins, or more specifically, protein building blocks called amino acids. Your body then produces its own protein from these already existing building blocks with which it can then build new muscle fibers.

With protein shake Barebells effectively prevent muscle soreness

The protein-rich milkshake Barebells can help you effectively avoid muscle soreness after a strenuous workout. If you rely on the protein shake Barebells immediately after your fitness session, the milkshake will also ensure that you can continue moving tomorrow without much suffering and even do a workout again. It is believed that the cause of muscle soreness is caused by small tears in the muscle fibers - with the protein-rich milkshake from Barebells you can effectively prevent muscle soreness. Because Barebells Milkshake contains so many proteins, you provide your body with an important building block for repair. Thus, the regeneration of the muscle can begin directly.

Barebells Milkshake Banana

Our protein shake Barebells Banana is not only super delicious but also super creamy. The ready-to-use protein drink Barebells does not need to be mixed first, but can be taken and enjoyed directly everywhere. The milk drink is also perfect for lactose intolerant people, because Barebells not only does without additional sugar, but is also made without lactose also known as lactose.

Barebells Milkshake Vanilla

Have you tried our delicious Barebells Milkshake Vanilla? The taste of this protein drink is just delightful! With 24g protein/bottle, it's ready to eat right out of the box, and it's also free of gluten, preservatives, and artificial flavors - plus it's completely lactose-free.

Barebells Milkshake Chocolate

The protein shake chocolate from Barebells is an excellent companion for your sporty everyday life. Of course, you can also enjoy the protein drink just like that, because the Barebells Milkshake is creamy and super tasty and is also available in a carrier of 8.

Barebells Milkshake Strawberry

Barebells Strawberry Milkshake with 24g of protein per drink is so flavorful - and without any artificial flavors. In the protein drink Barebells Strawberry is also completely without the milk sugar lactose, as well as gluten and preservatives. You get the Barebells Milkshake in 8 trays, delivered directly to your doorstep and the protein drink is ready to use.... Without additional mixing!

Try our different flavors of Barebells Milkshake! The protein drink from Barebells is free from gluten, preservatives and artificial flavors.