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The KAIF Energy Drinks with pleasure and adrenaline guarantee

The popular Kaif Energy Drinks are now drunk and loved all over the world. Even in Dubai, Kaif drinks are no longer a foreign word. No one wants to miss the Kaif lifestyle after the very first nip. Be it in your everyday life, during exercise, dancing or even in the Sishabar. Kaif offers you new and fresh energy with pleasure guarantee.

The origin of "KAIF"

The term "Kaif" originally comes from the Arabic and stands for "well-being" and " relaxation". In the course of time, this word has been used less and less. Its return in the way we know it was first seen in the 60s by Moscow students as a term for "fun and action". Today, the meaning of the Arabic term can be found in the uniquely refreshing and invigorating KAIF Energy Drinks!

An energy drink with awards for its taste:

In June 2019, the new KAIF Energy Drinks received awards from the "International Taste Institute" for all four varieties. At the international Taste Institute, independent experts test drinks and food for both taste and quality. In addition, all Kaif Energy Drinks are officially Halal certified. The certification follows a proper, independent inspection of the production facility and the ingredients.
Good to know - All KAIF Energy Drinks are rich in vitamin B12 as well as vitamin B5 & B6.

Four unique KAIF Energy Drinks:

Kaif Energy Drink - Black, Light, Mojito, Mocha

KAIF Energy Black

The Energy Drink Black convinces with the unique and dominant KAIF taste, which is cleverly wrapped in a light raspberry note. The original KAIF Energy Drink represents fun, kick, action and pure adrenaline. Buy it online at Lifestyle Drinks!

KAIF Energy Light

The light version of the original KAIF Energy Drink surprises with a real taste experience despite its sugar-free recipe! Experience refreshing energy without sugar!

KAIF Energy Mojito

Get summer, sun and beach straight to your home with the KAIF Mojito Energy Drink! The taste of Cuba with fresh lime, mint and the extra plus of refreshing energy.

KAIF Energy Mocha

You love the taste of coffee? The KAIF Energy Drinks Mocha delivers exactly the perfect energy with an oriental mocha note and convinces every coffee lover.






Kaif Energy Drink Taste Award