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Lekker Love - the coconut water that tastes lekker healthy!

Lekker Love Coconutwater is 100% natural coconut water from Vietnam. Coconut water generally convinces by its many healthy advantages - with Lekker Love Coconut Water we offer you a coconut water drink that tastes extra delicious!

Lekker Love the drink from the coconut with lots of healthy nutrients

The coconut water in Lekker Love stimulates the metabolism and can help lose weight, it has a positive effect on the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels and cleanses the body, especially the blood and kidneys.

The ingredients in coconut water from Lekker Love protect against stress - because the so-called secondary plant substances support the body positively in stressful situations and supply it with many valuable nutrients. So even the stressful everyday life can be mastered calmly.

Lekker Love coconut water contains many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements (including iron, zinc, manganese, sodium, calcium, selenium and copper, as well as potassium) - making it the ideal companion for leisure and sport. In a natural way, coconut water supplies the body with fluid and lost minerals after a sporting activity, making it a natural isotonic thirst quencher. The coconut water from Lekker Love is fat-free and low in calories and provides the body with many valuable and healthy nutrients.

Lekker Love the ideal partner for your active everyday life

Coconut water from Lekker Love is suitable as a daily partner in work and leisure. The practical format can be stored in almost any bag and the elegant reduced design of the handy glass bottle can be seen everywhere.

  • Lekker Love can do more than just tasty
  • Lekker Love pure coconut water is gluten-free and well-tolerated
  • Lekker Love coconut water is low in calories and fat-free and supports you in a healthy lifestyle
  • Lekker Love pure coconut water satisfies hunger in a natural way and helps to avoid cravings through its natural sweetness
  • Lekker Love pure coconut water is good for the digestion due to its natural ingredients and contributes to a good fibre supply due to its natural ingredients

Enjoy with Lekker Love the uniquely delicious taste and order today the healthy freshness kick from 100% natural coconut!