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Rose Diamond Drink turns your palate into a rose

Rose Diamond is a beauty drink that is second to none. The flavored water provides a beautiful skin and has a positive effect on the stomach and digestion.

The rose, the queen of the flowers

The aromas of rose and jasmine have always been considered the most exclusive in the world. The extract of freshly picked rose petals provides an incomparable, subtle taste, rounded off by a light sweetness.
Unique and incredibly flowery in taste - as if you hold a rose under your nose.

Rose Diamond is just 12 calories per 100 ml, significantly lower in calories than fruit juices, tea drinks and even coconut water. The unadulterated taste of roses makes the drink perfect for mixing cocktails or mixed drinks. Pure Rose Water tastes incredibly unique and straight from the bottle. The innovative and extravagant packaging and design makes lifestyle friends beat faster.

Nice bottle, healthy content

Externally, the rose water presents handsome: The beautiful bottle makes every designer's heart beat faster and it is wonderful in the hand. Its shape emphasizes the aroma perfectly, immediately after opening, the pleasant and subtle scent of roses rises in the nose. Why not bring such a beautiful bottle with such a flavor as a gift instead of a real rose? A healthy souvenir, every lady is happy!

The classy drink, produced by a family business

Rose Diamond is made by a family business in Bulgaria that specializes in healthy drinks and food. In addition, the proximity of production to the Damascus roses guarantees the absolute freshness of the petals.

We believe in the beauty inside ...

That's how Rose Diamond explains the distinctive and beautiful bottle of packaging. It's the inside that really matters, but eventually the eye eats / drinks with it.
To make the rose water even more delicious, Rose Diamond adds a mix of sugar and stevia to its rosewater. This reduces the sugar content and still provides the deliciously fresh sweetness. Light and fragrant in the taste.
We do not know a drink in which the rose scent or taste tastes so intense and incredibly good. The bartender will be amazing.

With only 3 g of sugar and 12 calories per 100 ml, it has much less sugar and calories than fruit juices, tea drinks and even coconut water.