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Seicha - The Matcha lemonade

Seicha brings Matcha back to the high-end range of drinks

The high-quality processing of fine matcha tea that meets fresh citrus fruits makes the new lifestyle drink Seicha a real pick-me-up. The use of Matchatee goes back to a long history in Japanese space. Since then he has been used to promote the ability to concentrate as well as to increase the mental focus. In production, Seicha attaches great importance to preserving the natural taste of the tea extract Matcha.

Seicha-Matcha - only 100% natural ingredients

The composition of the best ceremonial matcha tea and fresh citrus fruits provides a new, invigorating drinking experience. Since Matcha with its variety of antioxidants ranks among the leaders in superfoods, the method used "Cold Brew" is the ideal solution to get all the vitamins and fiber of the tea. The drink is free from any flavor enhancers and suitable for a vegan diet. There are two types of grapefruit and lime, each of which comes with sparkling refreshment to your home.

Matcha - the leader in superfoods

Matcha is a finely ground green tea that is used in tea ceremonies in Japan. The highest quality level of Matcha tea is the Ceremonial Grade. In the production of the powder only the leaf meat of the tea plant is used. By shading the baby leaves, the plant produces more chlorophylin and antioxidants that make the product so special. This results in a matcha powder full of flavor, nutrients and caffeine.

Seicha- The watchdog for all types who strive for harmony and discipline

Another ingredient of Matcha is caffeine. Due to the delayed recording this also works much longer than other products. Responsible for this are so-called tannins. The caffeine is bound to these and is thus absorbed by the body only during digestion. At the same time, the amino acid L-theanine provides a calming note, so that the drink has a stimulating effect, but does not promote a feeling of restlessness. By using the entire tea leaf, the ingredients are taken in a higher concentration, which leads to this particular "double effect".

The green tea with the full energy power

With 1.3 grams of Organic Matcha, Seicha has the highest percentage in a bottle at the moment. 100% vegan also fits it to every balanced diet and vegan diet. The green Green Tea Power with Vitamin C- discover the world of the Matchatee.