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Taiberg is the natural lemonade with caffeine

Taiberg is a brand new trendy drink directly from Kölle, the capital of celebration on the Rhine. The caffeinated lemonade is 100% natural, fruity, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free, with 19,9kcal per 100 ml even low in calories. The recipe is of course top secret, but one thing is certain: Taiberg contains the tasteless taiga root and a good portion of caffeine and guarana. This makes the drink stimulating and makes your tiredness disappear.

Fruity, natural lemonade with caffeine

The pink color comes from the fruity symbiosis of carrot, grapefruit and grapefruit. And because all the artificial of this lemonade would not stand well, only natural colors and sweeteners are allowed in this elixir of creative futility.

Art on the tin, invigorating drinking fun in the can

Especially striking is the tin, which was artfully designed by the Berlin illustrator Mathis Rekowski and the musician Simon First. So it fits perfectly into the life between urban culture, party mood and creativity. If you like it even more special: Taiberg mixed with gin, a few ice cubes and you have the perfect party drink.

Think supernatural. Think Taiberg