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Firefly Drink - The natural-juicy energy drink

Firefly - The stylish drink from London, now exclusively in Germany.

Firefly - the delicious, stylish, vitalizing trend drink from London. Now also in Germany. The innovative functional drink is available for every situation. Whether "wake up" to wake up, "sharpen up" to sharpen the mind, "chill out" for peace and relaxation, or "detox" when your night was a little longer. You have to try it! Delicious, stylish and natural.

Firefly - natural drink, the "revitalizing juice drink with botanical extracts".

Each flavor has his own delicious taste. Natural and powerful. No wonder firefly is one of the most popular drinks in London. A functional drink that suits your modern lifestyle. Naturally ingredients in every single bottle "firefly" is pure nature. Natural flavors, no sugar and no preservatives. Therefore, the founders of the young company have also created a natural-beautiful name, "firefly". A mixture of classic, but also exotic fruit juices always comes with a portion of selected herbs. In total, 2.5 g of valuable herbal extract are contained in each of the stylish 330 ml beverages bottles. Many varieties for everyone, no matter if you need energy, want to give your mind power, relax or simply want to refresh, every firefly drink variety is proposed for you. 6 varieties, for everyone!

Firefly is available in a glass bottle and a light PET bottle: Firefly - Peach & Green Tea Firefly - Kiwi, Lime & Mint Firefly - Pomegranate & Elderflower Firefly - Lemon, Lime & Ginger Firefly - Bramley, Apple and Ginger Firefly - grapefruit and passionfruit

We offer the right juice drink for every part of the day - well, they do it all!

For example, take grapefruit passion fruit if you want to relax. Or take lime-lemon ginger when you are looking for some energy. Click through our selection and you will find your "firefly" Functional Drink. Firefly is a natural drink with history. The Firefly story all started with a story between 2 freinds. Marcus Waley-Cohen and Harry Briggs. They've known each other since highschool. At one day they asked each other, "Why do we drink these over-sucked, artificial energy drinks? Wouldn’t it be great to bring a healthy and at least an effective alternative on the market?" And so the story began. Together with some specialists, they developed the unique functional drink Firefly.

firefly drink - healthy ice tea

firefly drinks - healthy energy drinks