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New premium coconut mix drink from Thailand

Milky Coco is a pure natural beverage made from coconut milk and coconut water. This mixture is unique and tastes fantastic. The natural sweetness with the coconut flavor is so delicious that the drink is popular far beyond Thailand. Milky Coco can be drunk purely, but it is also great for mixed drinks.

You love coconut milk? Or maybe coconut water?

Then Milky Coco is perfect for you! By mixing with coconut water, it is milky, yet light and healthy, even in mixed drinks - very refreshing and it will bring your mind into the sunny tropics. But also for cooking or for your breakfast with cereals, it is perfect.

Animal milk products will replaced by Milky Coco

There are more and more consumers who do not tolerate animal products anymore. This was often a problem, because the selection of drinks is limited. But with Milky Coco this situation has improved fundamentally. This delicious coco drink has no animal milk component. It is lactose-, gluten- and soya-free. Now Milky Coco can be drunk without preservations and restrictions. This has also been discovered by many vegans and Milky Coco enriches the menu - even halal!

Coconut water and coconut milk

A product where many consumers have been waiting for. With Milky Coco, coconut water and coconut milk are combined for the first time in one drink. It is a new premium coconut drink on the European market.

How does Milky Coco strengthen the immune system?

Especially in the cold season it is good to strengthen your immune system.
Milky Coco can make some efforts for your immune system. The Lauric acid in the Milky Coco can support your immune system. Also, Milky Coco contains several electrolytes from natural coconut water. These are potassium, sodium, magnesium, which can help you with regeneration your body.

After the enjoyment of Milky Coco, you feel healthy, fresh and beautiful!

The delicious taste from nature
Try milky coco - coconut water mixed with coconut milk - vegan and halal.