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mySmoothie - natural fruit smoothie. Does not require cooling.

The fruit smoothies by mySmoothie consist of the best fruits without the addition of preservatives, flavors or colorings. The delicious fruity taste comes only from the high quality selected fruits, and comes without added sugar. Practically, mySmoothie does not have to be refrigerated like traditional smoothies. So they are durable and easy to store. With the supplied straw, the my Smoothie smoothies are also ideal for children's hands.

MySmoothie is available in the flavors Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Pineapple, Pomegranate and Raspberry.

With these natural vitamin donors everyone will find their favorite and thus the perfect supplement for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The Tetra-Pak is the optimal packaging technology for the smoothie, as it is designed as its content, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Try the delicious mySmoothie smoothies now and provide your body with the best vitamins from delicious fruit.