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New and incommensurable the Premium Tonic Waters from Weisswange - Premium Tonic Water

Weisswange - Tonic Water, Premium Quality. The new and unmistakable Premium Quality Mixers from Weisswange
Tonic Water from Weisswange

Weisswange specializes in the production of high-quality tonic water and other premium mixers. Under the direction of the well-known perfumer and flavorist Kim Weisswange, beverages for the high standard are created. The light sweetness and acidity of the tonics is finely balanced, leaving the spirits room to develop their taste.

Tonic Water by Weisswange - Unadulterated taste

Weisswange wants its customers to enjoy the genuine taste of its products and that only allows the use of glass bottles. Compared to other materials, glass is particularly inert. This means that the glass and the soft drinks hardly react with each other at all, so that the drinks taste as they should.

Kim Weisswange

Even as a child, South African-born Kim Weisswange dreamt of making perfume. After working as a photographer for many well-known personalities, she was able to realize her wish. Thanks to her extraordinary sense of smell, she succeeded in creating many bestsellers. For these bestsellers she has already won the Clio Award, which is one of the highest, if not the highest possible, awards in this industry alongside the Cannes Lion. Over time, Kim Weisswange noticed that she also wanted to use her extraordinary sense of taste. That is why she began to work on various beverage recipes from which, after years of work and many different creations, the noble Tonic Water from Weisswange emerged.

Natural ingredients

The natural ingredients, most of which come from controlled organic cultivation, give the tonic its noble, unique taste. Weisswange relies on the so-called rotary evaporator to obtain the plant extracts. With this device, aromas are extracted very gently from fruits, herbs and spices.

Black Tonic Water (Black Tonic Water)

The first black Tonic Water comes from Weisswange.The activated carbon used by Weisswange for this is complemented by tasty, dark spices and fine citrus fruits from Italy and South Africa. Activated carbon detoxifies and cleanses the body naturally, which is why it is said to have a rejuvenating effect. Because activated carbon has a neutral taste, it does not drown out the fine note of your favourite vinegar. On the other hand, it underlines the flavour character and thus enhances the spirits. The Black Tonic Water is perfect for mixing with gin, vodka, rum or bourbon. But it is also a pleasure pure.

Cucumber Tonic Water (Cucumber Tonic Water)

The premium tonic for exclusive pleasure. The pleasant, bitter taste is due to the cinchona tree. In addition, the cucumber extract and the natural, Mediterranean herbs in a perfectly balanced combination provide a delicious, new kind of taste.

Indian Tonic Water

The Indian Tonic Water is of course the absolute classic among the Tonic Water, because it was one of the first of its kind and is still by far the most popular worldwide. The competition among the manufacturers of Indian Tonic Water is very high and new products have it correspondingly difficult to be successful. After 7 years of development on the recipe, Kim Weisswange has created an exquisite and equally elegant taste that can compete with this tough competition.

Hibiscus Tonic Water (Hibiscus Tonic Water)

The Hibiscus Tonic Water is a dry, fruity pleasure that immediately convinces the palate. Besides the quinine responsible for the bitter taste, the Tonic Water contains fruity hibiscus blossom extract and hand-pressed Pomeranzen oil. The composition of these carefully selected ingredients provides a fruity refreshment.

Maritime Tonic Water (Maritim Tonic Water)

In addition to quinine, a pinch of sea salt combined with two algae species harvested from the North Atlantic coast provides an innovative type of enjoyment. Fine, fresh algae notes evoke a taste experience that follows the course of the waves.

Virgin & Tonic (Non-Alcoholic Gin Tonic)

The Virgin & Tonic is the world's first non-alcoholic gin and tonic. It is a special experience for the taste buds. The long drink is composed of 47 natural essences and was distilled with water instead of alcohol. The VIRGIN & TONIC is based on the taste of a gin & tonic. However, it does not contain any alcohol.

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