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Lifestyle Drinks Remaining stock

Here we offer you remaining stock with BBD less than 4 weeks.
Please remember that the BBD date is a best-before-date and not an expiration date... so most products can be consumed for many years without loss of quality or other defects.

We would be happy to give you more information about the articles via emailor phone.

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Remaining stock

Throw-away society in Germany

Everywhere people are talking about it and fortunately nowadays there is already a great rethinking going on: We' re talking about the waste of food. In Germany, about a third of food does not even make it onto the plate or to the consumer.
One of the main reasons for this is an advanced or exceeded best-before-date. And all this despite the fact that more than 800 million people worldwide suffer from starvation. Unfortunately, our environment is not unaffected by this either. A great amount of energy, pesticides and fertilizers are used to produce and transport every food product. In the long term, this places a heavy burden on our environment.
We - Lifestyle Drinks - therefore want to set a good example and send a signal against the throwaway madness. In our online shop, under the heading "Remaining stocks", you can purchase drinks that are close to their best-before-date or have already exceeded it.

Best-before-date or consumption date?

Many people are still not aware of the difference between the best before date, in short BBD, and the consumption date.
Or is there a difference at all? Yes! The expiration of the BBD does not usually mean that the product is inedible or for the bin. On the contrary. The BBD merely describes the minimum date of use of food. In this way, the manufacturer guarantees that his article will retain its quality and properties until at least this date, under appropriate storage conditions. Above all, canned or airtightly packaged food is usually still edible months or even years after this date.

This is often confused with the date of consumption.
The consumption date indicates the day / time by which the product should be consumed, so that there is no health risk. However, this is almost exclusively the case with fresh products such as minced meat, poultry meat, fresh raw milk and so on. Drinks, on the other hand, can be consumed without hesitation long after the expiration of the BBD.

Aspect for smart savers

The financial aspect can also play a major role here. In our online shop you can save a lot of money thanks to the very strongly reduced remaining stock!

So with a little luck it is quite possible to buy our trendy lifestyle drinks up to 70% cheaper, against the regular price. All remaining stock can be given away by us without hesitation at a favourable price, as there is no loss of quality in these articles. Mostly these are still many years durable. For this you receive from us gladly detailed information.

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