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Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin, 0.7l - Glass Bottle
Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin, 0.7l - Glass Bottle
The exclusive Iceland Gin - discover now the perfect Gin for Gin-Tonic. With the purest Icelandic water.
Content 0.7 Liter (48.71€ * / 1 Liter)
34.10€ * 34.99€ *  refund free!
Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin, 0.7l - 6 Glass Bottles
Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin, 0.7l - 6 Glass Bottles
Glacier Gin was developed to perfect the blend Gin Tonic. Probably no other gin will be better suited for this.
Content 4.2 Liter (46.42€ * / 1 Liter)
194.95€ * 209.94€ *  refund free!

Glacier Gin from Iceland

The creators of Glacier Gin

had three primary goals in their minds when it came to product development and first-time production:
they wanted to produce the perfect gin for Gin + Tonic, reducing the risk for hangovers and designing a stylish and matching bottle that could also become a collector's item and fulfill this special drink with its high standards.

After a year of development

they have now launched this unique gin on the market and fulfilled all three goals in an optimal way. This nordic spirit combines five delicious botanical ingredients with pure Icelandic water from beautiful primeval glaciers.

The heart of Glacier Gin is pure Icelandic water.

Iceland is best known for its clean unspoiled nature and pure water. This makes the country an ideal location for the production of the finest gin.

For the perfect gin

and the harmonious interplay with the unique Icelandic water, these five hand-picked botanicals have been chosen to create the Glacier Gin so extraordinary and sensual:

juniper berries, coriander seeds, dandelion, lemon and bergamot

The combination of all of these ingredients results in this high-quality premium gin that is perfect for Gin+Tonic!

Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of taste and consciously test the Glacier Premium Icelandic Gin.

Since it is predicted that due to the global warming rate, all glaciers in Iceland could have disappeared by the year 2200, Glacier Gin would also like to raise awareness of the state of the climate and its effects on the glaciers.

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