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In order to improve the image of Korn, four friends from Bremen, Hamburg and in cooperation with Hanschen Harm in Scheeßel have developed a grain that is presentable, they succeeded in producing a mild and yet tasteful grain. Their aim to make Korn presentable again was successful. In the golden mean between Hamburg and Bremen they worked on their grain for 3 years and refined it. Since 2019 they can proudly announce that they could win the fine grain distillery Sasse, the best grain distillery in the world for their project. The Nork Korn became even better but the idea behind it remains. Because Korn connects scenes, connoisseurs and whole cities.

You want to combine Nork? Look at the Nork Drinks!

Because of its sweetish-mild nuances you can combine much more with Nork than the typical cola grain.   You like to drink a Cosmopolitan? Try the Norkopolitan. This classic is based on the basic structure of a sour - originally made of vodka, orange liqueur, limes and cranberry juice.

You can mix the newly interpreted Norkopolitan with our mixed drinks moloko drink cranberry, cherry blossom and ginger and our Rigo lemonade, lime, mint and soda. Ingredients: 4cl Nork 2cl Rigo Limenade, Lime, Mint and Soda 1cl Sugar Syrup 1cl Triple Sec 3cl moloko drink Cranberry, Cherry Blossom and Ginger. Mix all ingredients well and serve with ice in a chilled martini glass. A drink that will become indispensable at your party.